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Small Biz Heaven!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018 - Joe Kiedinger

As I write this “Wisdom on Wednesday”, I’m on the road working in Burlington, Vermont. What an amazing small business community. Located at the base of the town is Lake Champlain. It’s very large and the foothills of Vermont on the opposite shore frame it beautifully.

My hotel is only a couple hundred yards from the lake, so I decided to take a quick stroll to check it out. I was excited to see many raw and cool-looking local businesses. They are located in old warehouses, row-houses and colonial wood homes. I experienced a century of architecture on my four-block walk. Quite eclectic.

Some of the businesses I saw were a beauty salon, a bike and ski shop, a comedy club, a juice company and several cool restaurants—all lined up. I had a very strong patriotic feeling while strolling down this street. Small business really is the heart of our great nation.  

There is a real “can do” vibe here in Burlington. It’s not something I heard, but something I felt. I tip my hat to the men and women who are working hard to make a difference through their businesses. That difference is employing others, developing a strong team and taking an idea to market.

I am truly honored to work alongside our Prophiteers as we bring our clients’ purposes and meaningful differences to life and spread dignity-based communication.

This week, a company in Vermont will be introducing a new way to communicate within their organization. It takes courage to 1) want to improve communication and 2) to actually begin the journey.

As human beings we are built for something bigger than ourselves. You can make a difference through your actions and how you communicate. People connect with people and, believe it or not, you can positively influence others as long as your personal purpose aligns with your employer’s.

Joe Kiedinger

ACTION PLAN: If you are a business owner reading this, what’s your purpose? What mark do you wish to leave on your community? For the rest of the readers, what is your personal purpose? Are you living a purpose-driven life? It’s never too late to start!

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