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Slowing the Rumor Mill

Wednesday, May 6, 2020 - Joe Kiedinger

There’s a very simple tool you can start using right now to help cut through worry and anxiety in the workplace. It’s called the Last 10%. One of our business coaches, Mark Freier of Nexecute, shared this tool with us about a year or so ago and we’ve incorporated it into every meeting we hold at Prophit Co. because it has tremendous power.

Have you ever been in a meeting and left the room with several questions or concerns on your mind? I’d guess nearly half of the time people leave meetings with things left unsaid. These thoughts swirl in the back of our minds, clouding our judgment throughout the day, fueling the rumor mill in private chats, draining our focus and even following us home—where our spouses are the lucky recipients of our heap of thoughts for the day.

Starting today, when you close each meeting, simply ask, “Does anyone have any Last 10%?” You might be shocked to find lots of people suddenly speaking up. Welcome it! Let your associates know that it’s healthy to voice their concerns and questions and you won’t be put off by whatever they have to say.

Not only will you save hours of productivity, but you’ll build transparency and trust by getting it all out on the table and moving forward as a cohesive team.


ACTION PLAN: Ask if anyone has any Last 10% at the end of every meeting. It’s real a game-changer! And it doesn’t cost a penny. It saves lots of pennies!

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