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Share your Passion by Connecting!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016 - Joe Kiedinger

On February 1st, Trevor started working with us here at Prophit Marketing. If you’ve never met Trevor, let me tell you the kind of guy he is: He is a connector, he lives his life with zest and passion everyday and he pours himself into his work and lets you feel it.
Recently, Trevor and I returned from a trip to Texas. He was constantly making connections with people we met along the way. Trevor is the type of person that you won’t forget, not because he’s 6’8″ and easy to spot, but because he has a way of making people feel safe in his presence. This is a gift that you simply can’t teach. 

When a person is passionate about what they have to offer, it never becomes a sales pitch. Trevor says, “People either connect with this or they don’t. It’s my job to help them, and if I can help them, I will.” It’s this sincerity and humility that makes Trevor successful. 

Do you reach out to others when you travel to learn more about them? Perhaps you can help them? You never know! Don’t be timid, but find a way to be helpful. Reaching out to others brings rewards in many ways. Share your passion wherever you go!

Joe Kiedinger

ACTION PLAN:  Always be asking, “How can I help?” It never fails when you put others first!

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