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Servant Leadership at a Toll Booth!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017 - Joe Kiedinger

Meet Krysse, she’s a highway toll booth attendant in the Chicagoland area. She has worked there for over 25 years. Krysse definitely made our trip memorable. I was traveling with Trevor, our Director of Business Development, to a business meeting in downtown Chicago. It just so happened that I forgot about the tolls and I had no cash on me and neither did Trevor.

We pulled up to Krysse’s booth a little embarrassed. Her reaction was unexpected. She cared by not embarrassing us, but making a joke out of it. She even said, “next time you better bring me a cheeseburger,” as she left her booth to jot my plate number down.

We stayed overnight in Chicago, gave our presentation and returned home. Once again, I forgot about the tolls and once again I had no money. As we pulled up to the toll booth, Trevor remarks, “There’s Krysse!” D82F4BB5-.jpg

Wouldn’t you know it, she was now working a north bound toll booth. We pulled up and she said, “You guys again!” I told her I still didn’t have any cash on hand and her response was, “Where’s my cheeseburger!” We laughed and she filled out the slip while making us feel respected and cared for.

Servant Leadership is meeting the legitimate needs of others. When I hear people say, “how can I be a Servant Leader, I’m just a deli counter girl?” Servant Leadership is not about what you do, it’s about how you make others feel in your presence within what you do. This would include your coworkers, managers, customers, family members, community and friends.

My hat is off to Krysse. I know you will read this and I want you to know that you matter. Trevor and I were away from our family and friends and you made our trip memorable. One tollbooth operator making a decision to have fun with her forgetful travelers.

Thank you Krysse!

Joe Kiedinger

ACTION PLAN: Be a Servant Leader, in everything you do!{{cta(‘3e678a32-62e2-4795-b09f-f3e32fdd3f66’)}}

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