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Scrub Your Social Media – Cleaning Up Your Social Presence

Wednesday, March 1, 2017 - Joe Kiedinger

Spring Cleaning is often associated with the changing of the seasons and brushing out the old and bringing in the new. You probably already do some form of this in your home, but have you given your brands social accounts a good scrub lately?

  1. Make Sure the Basics are CoveredScrub Your Social Image.png
  • Refresh your profile and cover photos. If your cover photo is more than a couple months ld, replace it with eye-catching graphics or a photo that represents your cu
    rrent marketing campaign.
  • Make sure the “About Us” sections are completely filled out with detailed and up to date information.
  • Update your hours of operation or contact information so that customers can easily reach you.
    • Make sure to enable the “Call Now” button on your Facebook page so customers can get ahold of you with one simple click.


  1. De-Clutter Your Online Space
  • If there are people or business pages whose information you no longer want to see “unfollow or unlike” them and you’ll notice a cleaner newsfeed and one that’s more relevant to the type of content you really want to see.
  • Get rid of any social accounts that are not helpful to your overall social presence. If you have accounts that are not hitting your target markets delete them and focus on those where your customers are.


  1. Be Strategic
  • Similar to the photos you post your content needs to represent your brand.
  • Create a content calendar on a monthly basis so you can be intentional about having consistent posts, which will help you to stay relevant with your followers, which will make them want to come back to your page and share it with other users helping to grow your social presence.
  • It is also important to be smart and strategic about what you share on social if it’s not your original content you want to be sure it still represents your brands messaging.


  1. Be Responsive
  • Make sure to respond to any engagement from your followers. Respond to any questions or comments followers leave on your page, positive and negative. Also, if your followers leave you a great review or shout out, show them you care by responding with a “thank you” comment or “like.


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