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Ronald Is Now My Buddy

Wednesday, June 6, 2018 - Joe Kiedinger

– A New Perspective –

How many times have you driven through the McDonald’s drive-through and thrown your extra change into the plastic container under the window? It’s for the Ronald McDonald House Charities, which fund 366 Ronald McDonald Houses in 42 countries.

If you are unaware (as I was until recently), a Ronald McDonald House is located near many major pediatric hospitals. They provide free lodging for families who have a child under 21 spending the night in the hospital.

So, how has my perspective changed? Well, on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend my daughter, Aria, had a traumatic accident while inner-tubing behind our boat. She fell off and significantly damaged her spleen.

We spent the better part of our week at Marshfield Medical Center where the amazing pediatric trauma team put her spleen back together. I am so grateful that we have such an amazing group of talented doctors in Central Wisconsin—some of the best in the world!

My wife, Danica, flew by chopper with Aria while my other two daughters and I drove to meet them. Across the street from Aria’s room was the Ronald McDonald House. Prior to our arrival, Danica had reserved a room for us. The house had eleven rooms, shared baths, kitchen, dining and sitting rooms and a recreation room in the basement.

We were at the hospital from Saturday through Wednesday. This charity saved our family over $800! It’s expensive to be out of town caring for your loved one. The house includes not only lodging, but toiletries, food and hospitality during a difficult time.

The picture here is what most people look like when they visit. I had limited clothing and limited sleep. However, we are so grateful for the Kroc Family’s vision of filling a void by supporting the family of sick and injured children.

Thank you, Ronald McDonald House, from the bottom of my heart!

Joe Kiedinger
ACTION PLAN: Please continue to throw your loose change into RMHC canisters. What a great, needed and appreciated service!

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