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Resisting Change

Wednesday, October 6, 2021 - Joe Kiedinger

Does fear hold you back? There’s fear of uncertainty—will the big proposal go through? Fear of ridicule—what will others think of me if I share this totally new business idea? Fear of the weight of responsibility—how will my family do if this business fails? The biggest one I see over and over is fear of change.

But, you know what’s funny? Change is one of the only guarantees in life. And I’d argue it’s one of the most important things about our existence. Imagine how boring life would be without it! So, why do we fear it? Why do we resist it when it comes knocking at the door?

Looking back on many past changes in my own life, the biggest changes have been an absolute gift and nothing to fear at all! I once owned a performing arts school and then later sold media for a local TV station, but these roles didn’t fully satisfy my purpose. Yes, I was able to impact lives, but not to the degree that I do today. Our company now helps people across the country and around the world. Dignify is about to be translated into French. Yes, we have contracted with a manufacturer in France due to our reputation in changing the leadership paradigm.

If I had resisted the change from one career to another just out of fear, I would never have stepped into my purpose.

We’re only human. That means it’s easy to fall victim to our fears. It’s easy to spiral into worry and “what ifs” and let our negative voice write an untrue story. Instead, remind yourself there’s nothing to worry about, only things to think about. Pause and look at situations objectively rather than responding emotionally. And when you’re ready to get a handle on that negative voice of yours—you know the one—let’s talk.


ACTION PLAN: Get to the root of your fears and where they came from by diving into your story with a Prophit Co. leadership coach. Become a stress-free leader and conquer your fears as you take your team and your company to the next level.

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