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Relationship Capital – How Do You Fare?

Wednesday, January 11, 2017 - Joe Kiedinger

Have you heard of Ed Wallace and Relationship Capital? Ed is out of Philadelphia, has appeared on network business talk shows and shares a unique way of looking at relationships. It’s relationships that fuels our economy, that fuels our business. A business sets promises to the marketplace for specific work completed well. It’s the people that get the work done.

We are in an app hungry world. We get information in seconds. Thumbing through an encyclopedia Britannica (is that even a company anymore?) to find answers is by the way of the dinosaur. Unfortunately, we have been led to believe, through modern technology, that there is an app for that. ‘That’ being anything you want.Ed-Wallace-2013_md-3.jpg

When it comes to building relationships, there is no app for that. Relationships take time. They require face-to-face time. Not screen-to-screen time. The physical energy of having another person in front of you is far more meaningful and connected than seeing their face on your iphone. Let’s face it, the Millennial’s, or digital natives, grew up with a screen in their hands. They even date by swiping right… or is it left? I dated by awkwardly approaching a pretty girl and striking up a conversation to see if there was any chemistry there. Getting back to the basics of building meaningful relationships should be at the heart every leaders 2017 to do list.

If this is a priority for you I encourage you to meet Ed. Ed Wallace will be in town the last Friday in January here in De Pere at The Marq. We have just three tables left. Learn the steps of great relationships. This will be a wonderful experience for managers and Millennial’s alike. Every attendee will receive Ed’s latest book, The Relationship Engine. Attendees will leave this workshop with actionable steps to help themselves and those they lead and work with build stronger relationships. Because it’s relationships that fuel our economy and our lives!

Joe Kiedinger

ACTION PLAN: Click here to reserve your spot to see Ed Wallace!{{cta(‘9b9cadb0-dfea-4629-afe4-74fd582619d4’)}}

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