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Rachael Rogers interviewed by “The Retail Focus Podcast”

Tuesday, February 2, 2016 - Joe Kiedinger

Our very own Rachael Rogers was interviewed by “The Retail Focus Podcast”, a weekly podcast covering the world of retail–business developments, trends, and historical perspectives!  Rachael discussed the process of grocery newspaper layout with the podcast host, Trent. Trent and Rachael review the entire process of creating free-standing inserts for grocery. They also chat beyond print and dive into the digital realm a bit. 


Listen to Rachael’s interview with the “The Retail Focus Podcast” here.  The 10-minute interview starts at 27:18.

Here is a preview of what’s inside that interview:

Q: What type of timelines are we working with?

A: An ad design begins 3-4 week in advance of the ad deadline date. Several proofs and changes are made throughout that time.  Ads are weekly, and there are several versions, so the design team is always working on a very organized timeline.

Q: With the process being so extensive, how many people are working on a weekly ad project?

A: We have a team of 5 designers that are either fully or partially involved with the ad process. 

How much artistic input is allowed?

A: We have a template that we designed to build the ad, however each week there is creativity involved in developing that space.

Where do the product images come from?

A: The images can be provided by the client, but we also have a photographer on staff and will do product photography and even create recipes to be photographed for the purpose of the ad.

Thank you to “The Retail Focus Podcast” for the opportunity to discuss the topic of grocery newspaper layout! Rachael started with Prophit Marketing in 2012. Learn more about Rachael here! 


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