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Prevent misunderstandings and boost productivity with this unique concept

Wednesday, February 7, 2024 - Joe Kiedinger

Conflict is a given. If it can happen among the best of friends and the closest families, it’s bound to happen every once in a while when you’re working in an organization with many different kinds of people with diverse ways of thinking. It’s just a natural part of life.

However, not all conflict is necessary. Much of it can be avoided when we choose to actively engage and understand someone’s intent. Understanding someone else’s intent is one of the best ways that we can clear up misunderstandings and be more productive at work, but it’s much easier said than done. Communication, especially through conflict and misunderstanding, is anything but easy – there’s no clear-cut guide to it and no button that we can press to simplify it.

The Dignify Snapshot sure makes things more straightforward though. Instead of having to navigate difficult questions and unclear meanings, understanding intent can be as simple as taking a quick look at someone’s Top 5 Traits and putting them in context. Doing this can completely reframe the way you interpret how someone interacts with you. Let me give an example of it in action.

Snapshots in action

I was working with a mechanic at a small service provider. He was very skilled at his job with over 25 years of experience, and he took a lot of pride in it. In fact, his number one Trait was “Competent: I am an expert in my field.” The mechanic was having a major issue with somebody on the customer-facing side of the business because he believed that this guy was challenging him with constant questions. He even went as far as to ask the owner to fire the other guy for that reason, even though the customers loved him.

Things got to a boiling point, and the owner eventually sat down with this mechanic and showed him the other guy’s Dignify Snapshot. Turns out, his number one Trait was “Curious: I want to learn from you.” So, the mechanic understood that by asking him all those questions, he wasn’t throwing out a challenge, but instead trying to learn from him. This completely changed the mechanic’s attitude towards him and the dynamic of their relationship, and the mechanic made it his mission to pass on as much knowledge to him as possible.

So, this seemingly unresolvable conflict between two people who just couldn’t get along was completely turned around in just a few minutes looking at a Snapshot. That’s because the Snapshot shows you someone’s dignity, and when you understand their dignity, it’s much easier to understand their intent. And when we understand people’s intent, we can understand the why behind their actions and when they are just trying to help you or learn from you.


ACTION PLAN: Is someone rubbing you the wrong way? If you have Dignify, check out their Snapshot and schedule a Check-In with them to see if you can understand their intent better.

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