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Personality Testing Is Going The Way Of The Dodo Bird!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017 - Joe Kiedinger

There are many companies who engage in team building events that kick off using some sort of personality test. A trained expert is there to interpret how everyone is different and how they think. Although these events are entertaining and insightful in the moment, there is often a false hope that this exercise will be sustainable and lead to greater cooperation and less conflict. The problem is: people change their personality an average of fifteen times a day, and there is no system for integration.

Think about it, do you behave the same way with a child as you do with your best friend? Do you behave differently with your boss than with your co-worker? There are two problems with the personality test. First, today’s sophisticated companies focus on emotional surveys, not personality tests. Emotional surveys reveal what drives a person emotionally. This is where all conflict stems from, emotional stress and misalignment. 


 Secondly, there is no sustainable process that keeps what people learned alive in the organization. Usually, within two days of the event, 95% of what they learned is lost. Why? We go back to our daily routine. This happens over and over and over again. Employees who see these programs approved assume they will die hard, because they always do. 

There is hope. The missing ingredient is an online system that is utilized continually when leaders and subordinates meet. Imagine a conversational system that intuitively guides the conversation so that the information gathered from a survey can be discussed throughout the year.

That is what we developed here at Prophit. It’s called dignify. It’s a survey (not test) that reveals a person’s Top 5 Dignity Traits. The data gained is then automatically installed in a conversation tracking system called a “Check-In system”. For the first time, supervisors and managers have a guide to encourage meaningful, productive conversation with each person. Misunderstandings are resolved and individuals feel dignified after the conversation is over.

Say goodbye to traditional personality tests. Emotional surveys are the wave of the future! These conversations open up communication, create immediate awareness, and drive down turnover and redundancy. Imagine, a metric-based tool to help leaders effectively communicate with each unique person they manage.

Joe Kiedinger

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