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People Become Aware and Then Start Cooperating!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016 - Joe Kiedinger

My journey in building greater competence in communication throughout organizations has led to some pretty fantastic, yet simple, conclusions. When I started in the world of internal communication, over a decade ago, I made several assumptions that turned out not to be true:

Assumption #1: Improving Communication is Complicated.

Not true. Our studies have found that awareness of what motivates the people you work with creates positive results – immediately. Pictured here is a break room at a typical factory. The sheets on the wall were produced using About Me Technology (AMT). They are posted and understood by all plant employees (through a simple training process) and cooperation has increased due to people becoming aware.

Assumption #2: It takes a long time to infuse a culture of accountability and cooperation.
It doesn’t need to take years to see results. Using this factory example (and I have dozens), the plant director saw an immediate improvement in morale. Two months later, relationships continue to become stronger. Noticeable efficiency is being produced in the team.

Assumption #3: When people talk disrespectfully to another person, they did it on purpose.

Not true. People have a style of communication. AMT uses a country metaphor to explain this. Like actual countries have a unique language, there are four distinct languages in every language. This was discovered by the Greek philosopher, Hippocrates. AMT refers to them as: Control Country, Peace Country, Perfect Country and Fun Country. Because we all speak a different “language” our words are misinterpreted and, without awareness, produce breakdowns in our communication. Their words are misinterpreted as rude or disrespectful.

Assumption #4: Everyone must participate for a culture program to take root and grow.
This is not true! The top leader in the department must be on board, but not everyone will buy in immediately. That’s ok, they will come around. Company leaders can see results based on pods within the organization becoming aware. The results are less conflict and greater productivity and retention. We have seen this over and over again.
All of this research is good news for culture keepers! If you would like to try About Me Technology at no charge where you work, we will be holding introductory workshops here at Prophit starting in early November. There will be an education fee and we will include our patented AMT system for you to try and see for yourself!

Awareness… produces positive results!

Joe Kiedinger

ACTION PLAN: Are you looking at improving communication where you work? Contact us for more information on our upcoming workshops – e-mail!


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