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Only Wet Babies like Change!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016 - Joe Kiedinger

Welcome to our 2 of 4 Part Series on Green and Growing.

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The only thing that is constant is change. Do you believe that? For example, look at Kodak who delayed their response in the digital film space. They once had a massive campus to hold all of their employees, but now they are a fraction of their former self. 

How about Blackberry? Once THE phone to have, “Holy cow, there’s a keyboard right on the phone!” However, we do not see people carrying a Blackberry anymore.
Managing change can be scary, but if you begin to develop a culture of change where employees are encouraged and celebrated for thinking in the future, this can be an exciting endeavor. There are thousands of examples of companies that exist who refuse to change. Reversely, companies who embraced the change still exist as well. Wells Fargo, AT&T and GE have evolved with the times and are reaping the benefits.

Even though just about every person will agree that change is imminent, why is it so difficult to change? This is because we are creatures of habit. When joining a six week class, 90% of attendees will sit in the same chair for all six weeks. We love the expected; it’s in our DNA. 

The journey of change begins with you. Will you stretch yourself? Will you be the conduit of change? I’m hoping you will begin living the reality of change. I suggest by starting with simple things like rearranging your office, bedroom or living room. Change it up! 

Make small changes every day and you will begin to train your brain that change is good… because it is!

Joe Kiedinger

ACTION PLAN: What change will you do today?


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