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One Essential Skill that all Leaders Need!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016 - Joe Kiedinger

I write this title not only to intrigue you, but to challenge myself as well. Think about it – is there actually one essential skill that all leaders need? Indeed, there are many qualities like humility, likeability, compassion and drive that would make the list. Skills like listening, visioning, guiding and delegating would certainly be essential as well. However, there is one skill that has surfaced fast due to the new Millennial generation and one that is rarely talked about…dignifying!

The skill of dignifying. A leader must dignify his or her employees. This essential skill in leadership today is the ability to make a person feel valued and worthy of respect. The leader who takes the time to understand a person’s dignity can place them on the right seat on the bus and onboard them in a profound way.

Our goal is to help leaders understand the dignity of those they lead in just a few minutes. It’s a recently patented platform that is changing the workforce in a positive way. The results are undeniable: lower turnover, lower at work conflict, less emotional stress, greater cooperation and drive and higher productivity.

Dignity in the workplace wins. Every…single…time!

Joe Kiedinger

ACTION PLAN: Research the book, Dignity, by Donna Hicks. A UW Wisconsin grad!


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