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New Intentions

Wednesday, December 29, 2021 - Joe Kiedinger

As we close the book on 2021, it’s important to begin setting up your vision for the year ahead. Seasonal transitions are such a natural time to pause and set new intentions. Take some time today to envision your company’s 2022.

What key goals and initiatives do you want to pursue to move your business forward? Schedule a meeting with your leadership team and have a brainstorm. If you can swing it, pull your top leaders away from the distractions of the workplace and take them to an offsite retreat. It’s one of the most powerful and efficient ways of developing a plan.

In fact, one of my dreams is to one day have an offsite at the Red Crown Lodge in Wisconsin’s Northwoods. Founded in the early 1900s by Colonel Stewart, CEO of Standard Oil, this is the birthplace of corporate retreats! He felt that having his leaders socialize together would help them build stronger relationships and become more productive—and he was right.

He grew the company quickly and efficiently using a set of principles to guide the way—the Rockefeller Habits. We teach them here at Prophit Co. as a part of our Organizational Health program.

If you’re serious about moving forward this year with real momentum, we can help you follow this process. It works so much faster than just winging it and it engages the hearts and minds of your team—building engagement and transparency along the way.


ACTION PLAN: Interested in a corporate retreat or need some help forming your goals and initiatives for the year ahead? Reach out! We’d love to set you on the right path.

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