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Name Your Fear

Wednesday, June 10, 2020 - Joe Kiedinger

We’ve all seen it. Whether it’s been a heated exchange at a store, texts within your family group, a Zoom call, or social media posts—there’s a lot of tension in the air about how to best handle all of the changes strewn lately.

Why is this so common?

Because we all have our own truth. We’ve developed our own set of beliefs based on our upbringing and life experiences and no one is capable of separating us from them.  

Just as we have our iron-clad beliefs, so do others. As a good leader, I urge you to reach out and understand the beliefs—and fears—of those in your care as we all work to transition our businesses back to “normal.”

It’s essential to understand what concerns they have in order to make the most successful transition possible. I have a few self-proclaimed “germaphobe” Prophiteers who may shudder at the thought of risking their health by returning to the office at this point. Others may have close family members with underlying health conditions who they are trying to keep healthy. Some may be fearful of exposing their children to illness by returning them to childcare.

Last week, we challenged you to survey your staff about the transitional period we’re facing and learn about their thoughts and concerns.

As you go over the data you’ve collected, you may realize all our fears are different. Seek to understand the hurdles before your staff so you can develop a plan that works best for everyone. Now, that’s dignifying.


ACTION PLAN: Survey your associates regularly using questions like these to get a quick pulse of your organization.

The newest section of our 30-Minute Slow Down series just kicked off last week. This Thursday, Jenn Endries, Founder and Owner of JennEd, LLC and Academic Dean at Rasmussen College, will again be leading us through The Power of Positivity. This week, she will reveal the second and third habits proven to help you tap into the power of positive thinking. To attend this free virtual session or view previous sessions, please visit our website.

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