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Losing Steam at Work? How to Fill Your Cup

Wednesday, April 12, 2023 - Joe Kiedinger

Join us for Power Up: Spring Training
April 17th
2 p.m. – 5 p.m.
With all the Prophit Co. coaches and guest facilitator, Thom Cody of Pathmakers!

Many of you long-time Wisdom on Wednesday readers may remember our SLOW (Servant Leaders of Wisconsin) event series. The call of SLOW was: slow down to speed up. That meant it gave us leaders time to step out of the office and truly think about how we lead.

But, in 2020 we hit the pause button on SLOW. We took the time to think about what leaders truly need to thrive today and revealed… the Power Up! If you haven’t been able to join us for one of our events, the Power Up is a high-energy, engaging leadership development event that aims to rejuvenate you as a leader, no matter your role.

Yes, I mean that—no matter your role. We’re all leaders. Whether you’re a CEO, HR manager, or administrative assistant, you have influence over others. And that, quite simply, makes you a leader. It’s time to own it!

Have you ever gone to a really inspirational or motivating seminar and felt super eager to apply your new ideas at work only to find all your momentum being lost over the next week? That’s because you need to consistently be energized and inspired. And you need to return to the office with actionable steps that create real change.

That’s exactly what we’re delivering through our Power Ups.

Our upcoming event on April 17th will feature guest facilitator Thom Cody, President/Executive Leadership Coach of Pathmakers. He’ll lead us through a discussion and workshop on “Making a True Impact!”

We all want to make a positive impact in the workplace—both on those we lead and those who employ us. The path to positive impact is through authenticity.

We will walk through the steps to identify and create an impact plan to improve your personal and professional life.

You ready to get after it? Join us for an upcoming Power Up. Can’t make it? We have recordings of many of our previous SLOW events available to keep the inspiration going!


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