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Life is like a…Corn Maze?!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016 - Joe Kiedinger

Welcome Fall! With this season comes pumpkins, apple pie and the corn maze! Once a quarter us Prophiteers have a L.O.V. (Living Our Values) event. It’s a time for us to get together and bond socially.

Our past event was two weeks ago. We headed to Polly’s Pumpkin Patch in Chilton. I give props to Polly; it’s great for kids and adults alike! Polly has a twist on what I’m used to when it comes to her corn maze. My past experiences included a map of the corn maze with around 18-20 stations laid out on the map. You know where the punch stations are in order to punch your score card. Polly’s maze included a map as well, but the stations were not marked. She tells her guests that there are 20 stations, go see how many you can find!

My group captured 13 of the 20. It truly is a neat metaphor on life and opportunity. We are blessed to live in the greatest country in the world. Our life in America is like a corn maze. The opportunities are out there, you just need to go and find them.

Seek and you will find!

Joe Kiedinger

ACTION PLAN: Are you taking advantage of opportunities that you stumble upon? Find one!


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