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Letting Go!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014 - Joe Kiedinger

Here he is, my son Alex. Every year since he was in kindergarten, mom would take a picture of him holding up the fingers of the year in school he was entering. Well this picture represents grade 13 or as you and I refer to it, Freshman year.

Freshman year in college? Wow, how did that happen so fast? I had the opportunity of driving down to St. Augustine, FL with him while mom flew in to meet us two days later. He certainly has become a fine young man. We shared stories and even little secrets we held from each other over the years as he was (and is) transforming into a man. Alex off to college 8.27.14

Innocent things like “so what happened to that gold fish?” and “So that’s why you and mom did that!” To more deeper items which I will keep between us. It’s all in the spirit of “coming clean” when starting a new chapter of our lives.
We had the choice of having our final dinner at the college cafeteria or just with the three of us. After seeing the tremendous crowds we easily decided on a more intimate setting. Alex drove away from dinner leaving Danica and I a little numb as we are learning how to let go. It’s already strange knowing he’s not in his bed, or seeing his friends around. Even though we know it’s time and we know he’s ready, it still takes its toll.

I suppose all we can do as parents is to prepare our kids for independence. I think we’ve done that and for that we are proud… bittersweet!

Joe Kiedinger


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