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Let’s Talk About Love!

Wednesday, January 15, 2020 - Joe Kiedinger

Oh, man… LOVE! I love the word love. I know many people, when associating the word within the workplace tend to cringe at that thought. Their brains go to romantic love. The Greeks had several words for love: Eros: Erotic Love (stuff in movies), Philos: Brotherly Love (This is a love of conditions—if you agree with me then I will treat you nice. Think, Philadelphia) and AGAPE, which is a verb—a choice to respect.

Agape is the subject of this wisdom. There is one word that helps you get there with employees: ACCEPTANCE. Accepting who they are and where they are in their journey.

How do I know I’m loved? I know because I feel accepted by you. I’m not judged. I’m given some space with all my strengths and flaws. And when I know you accept me, that means you care about me. And if I know you care about me, then I’m willing to be coached by you.

You see how it’s all connected? Therefore, if you want to increase engagement with the people you work with, learn how to see them for who they are instead of who you wish them to be. Accept them for them. I know, it’s easier said than done.

However, if you want to be a great leader, you must learn how to harness the power of acceptance. It doesn’t allow a person to fall short time and time again. It’s dignifying to that person and helps them get to a place that supports who they really are.

If you would like to harness how to accept, reach out. It’s what we provide to leaders to help them increase their influence and improve their life and the lives of others.


Joe Kiedinger

ACTION PLAN: Interested in a team workshop on getting after acceptance? Let’s talk. It’s life-changing and what you will learn goes beyond the workplace to the most important relationships in your life!

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