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Leadership Linking, June 2016 Edition

Friday, June 3, 2016 - Joe Kiedinger

Yes, it’s real – June is here!   So is the June 2016 Edition of Leadership Linking! Sit back, relax, and read.  Each month we go on the search for you and share with you our 5 best leadership findings.

  1. Video: Positive Power of Servant Leadership with Tom Thibodeau

    “The way we talk to and with each other has POWER.”  Listen to Tom Thibodeau deliver this TedX talk.  He has spoke at our SLOW Events in the past.  Here is a great video refresher (with some good laughs and lessons)!  Read more.
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  2. 3 Reasons you Should Listen to Those Pesky Millennials  

    Like it or not, Millennials are here to stay.   This article highlights the strengths we should be paying attention to!  Read more.

  3. 12 Things That Kill Your Leadership Effectiveness

    A good leader wants to do those things that create results and make them effective in their role.

    At the same time a leader needs to be aware of the common problems and pitfalls that detract from their effectiveness.  Here are 12 of those problems the author finds. Read more.

  4. Leadership: An Evolutionary Journey
    Take a look at how leadership has changed over time.   Has your leadership changed or are you still acting in the leadership of the past? Read more.

  5. Interview with Paige Kassner, 18 year-old Servant leadership Speaker

    A young millennial shares her story of perseverance with a crowd of business-minded grown-up’s.  See what the audience things of this local youth leader! Read more.


Read on, friends! Download our Free E-book: What Millennials Want from their Leaders. It might be exactly the inspiration you need!


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