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Keep Your Sight On Your Kite!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017 - Joe Kiedinger

This is a picture of Danica and I. We just spent a few days in Florida with our son, Alex, for his birthday. What a great young man he is becoming!

Our hotel was steps from the ocean, so when we were out shopping, helping to stock Alex’s shelves, I saw this kite and insisted that we fly it! The ocean breeze is perfect for kite flying. This particular kite was a cheap stunt flyer that had two strings so you can (supposedly) loop and dive and complete other stunts. However, neither Danica nor I have ever flown this type of kite before. Needless to say, we were not successful in flying it.

Then we had an idea where we each grabbed a string. We separated ourselves by about fifteen yards which centered the kite on the wind. In this picture we came together to capture the kite flying at its higheIMG_1513.JPG.jpegst possible altitude. What you don’t see is that in the process of taking our eyes off the kite for this picture and the fact that we were standing together and not fifteen yards apart, the kite began a spiral to earth. The lines got intertwined and it was doomed to crash.

We’ve all heard the metaphor: “you gotta keep your eye on the ball”. We abandoned our successful operation by taking our eye off of the goal of flying our kite. We got comfortable thinking, “now that it’s flying, let’s get together and take a picture, let’s show off”, which eventually, not initially, put the kite in jeopardy.

This is a perfect metaphor on business. You can be humming along nicely, but as soon as you take your eyes off the goal and begin feeling comfortable your business will veer away from your core values and vision. When this happens, danger is around the corner.

As I near my fifties, I do not take Prophit Marketing for granted. True, I have brilliant people in place who are smarter than I am at the job they have been tasked with, but Danica and I must keep our eyes on the future. How do we stay relevant? It’s an opportunity to have more time working ON the business rather than IN the business. This is what my fellow Prophiteers are looking for us to do, it’s our responsibility.

The time you spend ON the business planning for its future health is critically important. If all you do is work IN the business focusing on the tasks at hand, your kite will eventually waiver and crash. Both are important in sustaining a successful business. Two strings fly the kite, the doing and the planning!

Joe Kiedinger

ACTION PLAN: How much of your time do you work ON the business? Schedule this important time in to your calendar so you can be sure your kite stays in the air!{{cta(‘e49a53f3-aed6-436a-877d-9364778c12ba’)}}

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