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Keep Your Feet on the Ground

Wednesday, September 7, 2016 - Joe Kiedinger

This past week I was reminded as to why our company is finding success while working with a company in Atlanta. I was sharing with them my motivations based on About Me Technology. In a nutshell, there are 56 positive motivation traits. All 56 fall into one of five categories: People, Task, Creation, Leadership, and Showman. When a person completes their survey, the system guides them through a process that reveals their true motivational strengths.

They noticed I had NO motivations that fell under the ‘Task’ category. They asked me, how did you build a business with no Task motivations? Great question! In the early days, I got lucky and found task oriented team members to remove that burden from my plate. Picture of leather boots on the ground.
However, as we began to grow, my feet were not planted; my non-organizational and haphazard ways, which worked when starting the company, were beginning to hurt the organization as we were maturing.

There was a point when we were struggling financially and emotionally. The employees where loosing heart. Lucky for me, they confronted me and “shook my tree”. That’s when I decided to plant my feet and get focused. Part of that focus was letting go of what I was not strong at.

Our structure-motivated leaders started to build systems in every aspect of the organization. I admit, I struggled. I even would say things that could have potentially sabotaged the structure we so desperately needed. These leaders kept going, challenging me when I threw up flags.

These leaders are Lisa Reitz and Lisa Pritzl. Thanks to our Lisa’s, my vision and direction now has structure and a deliberate path for growth. They had the strength and bravery to confront their leader and lead me through the change we needed to get my feet firmly planted on the ground. They saved our company.

The path to success is not only knowing what you’re good at, but knowing what you’re not good at and handing that portion to some one who can fly with it. Oh yeah, and get out of their way!

Joe Kiedinger

ACTION PLAN: Where should you be delegating and getting out of the way?

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