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Keep the Body Movin’

Wednesday, July 21, 2021 - Joe Kiedinger

Your business is like the human body. And like the body, it needs a certain level of care to remain in optimal condition. You with me? Order up some regular exercise, a balanced diet, plenty of water and maybe even some stress-relieving activities peppered on top like meditation or yoga—they all contribute to the status of our health.

It’s really not that complex. We all know how to get healthier (and stay healthier), so why don’t we all do it?! Good health seems so easy to attain, but so many of us continue to struggle with it. In fact, every year about 805,000 of us Americans end up at the ER after having a heart attack, most of which are PREVENTABLE. We just wait until the bitter end to make that very necessary lifestyle change.

Organizational Health for your business works much the same way as physical health. You’ve probably noticed some early warning signs that it’s time to get a handle on your company’s wellbeing (whether it be workplace tension or disengaged employees). Now’s the time to seek a professional before those subtle aches and pains become big problems.

At Prophit Co. our four pillars of Organizational Health work in tandem to address all areas of your business’ health—much like how your physical therapist, cardiologist and psychologist can address the many different facets of your health to contribute to overall wellness.

  • Organizational Communication: Getting your folks aligned internally on your shared purpose, goals and initiatives.
  • Intrapersonal Communication: Taking a deep-dive into your personal story to build emotional intelligence as a leader.
  • Interpersonal Communication: Teaching healthy conflict resolution, teamwork and cooperation.
  • Purpose-Directed Communication: Marketing your business authentically with your purpose at the forefront.

Don’t wait until you’re being rushed to the ER after a heart attack (symbolically, of course) to take charge of your business’ health. There are steps you can take today to optimize your wellness and take charge right now.


ACTION PLAN: The doctor is in! Are you in need of a house call? Just shoot us a line and we’ll get you moving toward better health.

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