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Dignify System Update – June 2024

Thursday, June 20, 2024 - Dignify

We are excited to announce that in this month’s update, we have added multiple new features to help improve the user experience and bring more value to your Dignify subscription!

New Self-Enroll Featured Courses:

You can now enroll in 4 of Dignify’s featured courses.
This will allow you to learn about our curriculum at your own convenience! We are now offering:

  • Getting Started with Dignify
  • Why Dignity Matters
  • Understanding You
  • Activating Dignify

Download Course PDFs:

You can now download and print courses you have completed.
This will allow you to easily track, save and print the information you have learned.

Dignify Feature on the Desktop App:

The Dignify feature is a new addition to Dignify’s toolbox.
You can now recognize others dignity and give them credit through the desktop app!

Snapshot Notes:

We have added a private notes feature to users’ Snapshots.
Here you can input custom notes about an individual and attach them to their Snapshot for easy access!

Stay tuned as we continue to unveil these exciting enhancements, designed to elevate your Dignify experience moving forward!

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