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It’s a Little Weird

Wednesday, June 17, 2020 - Joe Kiedinger

If I could define our current state of affairs with one word, I would say, AWKWARD. Isn’t it?! This mid/post-pandemic world we’re living in requires a certain bob-and-weave effort. It’s like a dance we’re performing after receiving only one lesson. It’s clumsy. It’s awkward.

Not long ago, you could cough into your elbow and everyone went on about their day. Now? Prepare for critical stares should you cough or sneeze in public.

Awkwardness is also hyper-present because we all have different thoughts and beliefs about coronavirus, how to best operate businesses during this time, whether masks and certain protocols are necessary, how youth extracurriculars should be dealt with and how professional sports should be handled.

Needless to say, interaction can be tense right now! Remember though, we all have the very best intentions. The moment our feet hit the floor in the morning, we don’t aim to make others uncomfortable. We’re all following our own truth and it doesn’t always align with others’, so things can get muddy.

As we all walk through this awkward period together, spaced 6 feet apart, of course, I urge you to give everyone some grace. The power of patience, a kind word or gesture is incredibly dignifying. Let’s all bring some acceptance into our unaccepting world and build each other up. We need it!


ACTION PLAN: Dignify others through acts of patience and acceptance as we embrace the awkwardness.

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