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Is Your Purpose Clear?

Wednesday, January 20, 2021 - Joe Kiedinger

Some brands just get it. You know how Apple masters that clean, concise look and portrays a message that they are on the cutting edge of technology? Or how Disney ads give you the warm fuzzies with smiling families and consistently wholesome content?

They’re winning at marketing because they understand one essential thing: great marketing begins with purpose. Their purpose is written over everything they do. They couldn’t be more clear about what they stand for, which makes it so easy for the consumer to buy in. They know what they’re getting when they do business with them.

The same should be said for your business.

At Prophit Co. we redefined marketing as Purpose-Directed Communication—otherwise known as the meaningful expression of your company’s purpose within the marketplace. Your purpose should be the driving force behind every piece you put out—from the overall design to the verbiage, even to the feeling it gives your customers.

When we develop our clients’ Purpose-Directed Communication plans we don’t just go “ta-da” and show up with a cliché ad, we collaborate. We want our clients to be part of the development progress and be fully aligned with their purpose.

As we continue through this Year of Organizational Health, keep your eyes fixed on your company’s purpose and how it’s expressed in the marketplace. Do your potential customers get a crystal clear look at what you stand for when they see your marketing pieces? And do let us know if you need any help buffing that crystal until it shines.


ACTION PLAN: For an even deeper look at our Purpose-Directed Communication process, enjoy this recent post from our Coach/Art Director, Carrianne Nackers.

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