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Interview With Leadership Speaker, Tim Lamers

Monday, August 7, 2017 - Nathan Walasek

Hello Servant Leaders! We’d like to invite you to join us on September 7th for our FREE Servant Leaders of Wisconsin (S.L.O.W.) Event.

You’ll see Tim Lamers, Owner of two franchise mall stores (Great American Cookies and Pretzelmakers), discuss his insights about leading a workforce of millennials.

I had a conversation with Tim to learn more about his history with servant leadership and what you can expect at this S.L.O.W. event.

Q: How did you first learn of servant leadership and what made you want to become immersed in it? IMG_0002.jpg

A: Two local business owners that I greatly respected told me about servant leadership and said I was already practicing some of it, although I needed a stronger influence. They introduced me to S.L.O.W. six years ago. Servant Leadership is also near and dear to my heart because of my childhood and my Grandpa’s philosophy.

Q: What do you think active participation in servant leadership can bring to an organization?

A: Cultivating a workplace culture where all team members are treated with dignity is essential. We take a team and make them family. And, the benefits are eternal: a stronger sense of belonging, acceptance of self, and deeper relationships with others.

Q: What do you enjoy most about employing and working with millennials? What are the greatest challenges?

A: Employing and working with this young workforce is a great gift. I am honored to be their leader because they do have options and they vote with their time. They have countless offers to work other places. They help me understand and look at things differently.

The greatest challenge is their lack of life experiences and parents who want them to be happy instead of focusing on what they need. Happiness comes from inside a person’s heart, not external influences.

Q: What is the most important take-away you hope attendees understand after your presentation?

A: STOP judging people and give them some respect.

Join us at Tim’s presentation and you’ll walk away with a newfound understanding of the millennial generation and how to effectively lead them in your own organization.

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