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If a Bigger Paycheck Won’t Motivate your Employees – What Will?

Wednesday, September 28, 2016 - Joe Kiedinger

Giving an employee a bigger paycheck won’t make them work harder, faster, or better. But giving them dignity will. Have you heard of dignity-based communication? I’ve been studying this subject for over a decade. There are 56 positive dignity traits that drives the hearts of all people. A person’s Top 5 is what makes them tick. These top five motivations explain their behavior and their path for success.

Employee-Happiness-2.pngDignity lies in the middle brain. The space where emotions come into play. The outer brain, the cerebral cortex, is our logic and language part of the brain. We know from marketing research that people make decisions based on emotion and justify through logic. It’s this “feeling” part of the brain where your dignity lies. We often say things like, “It just doesn’t feel right,” but we can’t exactly explain the feeling. It’s because this part of our brain doesn’t process language.

Employers today are discovering the benefits of a dignity-based communication culture. When dignity is at the center of what everyone does, people feel safe and motivated. When these top five dignity traits align with a job position, look out! These are the people who say they are passionate about their job and excel at it.

I have recently patented a dignity engine that reveals a person’s dignity in less than fifteen minutes. If this subject intrigues you, and you wish to learn more, we will be announcing classes offered here at Prophit. You will discover your own dignity and then be granted access to having your own account in our communication platform. This will allow you to discover the dignity of others. This is life’s work. There is no greater way to build a relationship than knowing a person’s dignity and communicating in a way that supports them and builds them up.

After all, isn’t that what all leaders want anyway?

Joe Kiedinger

ACTION PLAN: Respond if you would like more information on our upcoming Communication Mastery course.


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