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Humbled To The Core

Wednesday, November 20, 2019 - Joe Kiedinger

I’m writing this in gentle reflection of gratitude and awe. I’m referring to the 18 individuals we employ here at Prophit. We call them, with affection, Prophiteers. Many of you may have heard that on Veterans Day an amazing man, my father, Tom Kiedinger, passed.

My dad was a major centerpiece in the lives of us children. He was an amazing man who taught us how to love, live and work with gentle grace and calm resolve. He wasn’t one to lecture or put you on the spot. He always looked upon you with acceptance and a little curiosity.

He died Monday at 3:15 AM. As can be expected, I let work know and informed them to clear my calendar for the next two days. The Prophiteers immediately went to work to honor my father who they knew meant so much to Danica and I.

They set a brainstorm and in 48 hours re-designed our “kid wall” to include my dad, Tom. This included rewiring the copy machine (because it had to be moved for the new set up), repainting the entire wall grey, preparing graphics and it had to be ready to share with Joe and Danica by Wednesday at 9AM.

They went to the vision document Danica and I presented three years ago. In it, I honored my dad. I explained that he wasn’t treated the best in his early days at his job and that his stories he shared (when we were adults) helped shape our culture. Including the four-weeks’ vacation Prophiteers get just after their first full year of employment.

They pulled a quote (that’s the framed picture) from the vision document and they put a space for Tom’s “kid picture”—it’s coming. They created a small plaque that reads, “Thanks for the four weeks.”

What wonderful people. Danica and I are so grateful for the individuals who choose to come to work every day and inspire and empower our business partners to grow.

Thank you.

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