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How to Shift Your Company Culture

Wednesday, February 2, 2022 - Joe Kiedinger

For me, the inspiration for Prophit Co.’s focus on customer experience stems back to my upbringing and witnessing how my mother loved to create delightful experiences for her guests. She would plan weeks ahead for company and set a beautiful tablescape, create ambiance in our home and welcome them with gourmet appetizers. She also had a very endearing quality: she simply accepted everyone for who they were. And she still does to this day. 

That’s why Prophit Co. created the delightful Leadership Adventures bus that makes company offsites and trainings fun and memorable and why our coaching sessions can be very light and funny while also sharing meaningful content and life-changing tools. 

If you’re already in business, your company has an existing culture, whether you intentionally formed it or not. Unhappy with how yours is playing out? It’s not too late to make a shift and redesign it from the bottom up.

A company culture is unique to its people—meaning no two are alike. You can’t take ten of your associates and install them here at Prophit Co. and assume the culture will remain the same. We all bring our own unique personalities, behaviors and social norms to our roles and work environment. However, we can shape these by creating a decisive and shared purpose.

So, where to start? A company culture should begin with the owners or top leaders of a company, location or department (yes, you can create a culture where you work). Owners, take a look at your own life story and what’s truly important to you. Why did you form your business? How do you want your department or location to function? What do you want it to feel like? It’s time to get back to the core of your inspiration—and this may take some real digging to uncover.

As a business owner or management leader, draw on your own story and what’s important to you when establishing your culture. Once you’ve laid the groundwork, you can gather your associates and get their feedback before kicking your culture into gear.


ACTION PLAN: Read the next WOW where we dig in even deeper. I’ll reveal the three ingredients that make up a killer culture.

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