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How to Revitalize Your Motivation as a Leader

Wednesday, April 13, 2022 - Joe Kiedinger

Our first Power Up is fast approaching! Join us April 25, 2022 from 9AM – 3PM at The Wisconsin Timber Rattlers Stadium in Appleton, WI.

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Many of you loyal “Wisdom on Wednesday” readers may remember our SLOW (Servant Leaders of Wisconsin) event series. The call of SLOW was: slow down to speed up. That meant it gave us leaders time to step out of the office and truly think about how we lead.

Athletes around the world practice 95% of the time and perform 5% of the time. In the working world, it’s quite the opposite. We perform 95% of the time and, if we’re lucky, we pause to think about our business 5% of the time. As business leaders, we’re always in the thick of it that there’s little time to think about how and why we do the things we do. SLOW was that opportunity for leaders to do just that. Pause. To slow down and take a hard look at how we’re leading our companies.

But, in 2020 we hit the pause button on SLOW. We took the time to think about what leaders truly need to thrive today. And I’m proud to reveal the result: the Power Up! A high-energy, engaging event that will rejuvenate you as a leader. That’s right, we’re bringing the inspiration back! But with a fresh approach.

Today’s leaders want to be revitalized and inspired. They want to spark new ideas and return to the office with actionable steps that create real change. And we’re delivering just that.

April Strom-Johnson and I will be leading you through several workshops all designed to reinvigorate you as a leader.  We’ll help you identify your personal strengths and where they are rooted. And we’ll develop the 21st century workplace skills needed to retain a talented workforce.

Retention is top of mind right now in this difficult climate many businesses are facing. According to the 2016 McQuaig Global Talent Recruitment Report, “Organizations that have invested in leadership development have seen a positive effect on recruitment and retention of employees.” Get after your retention challenges with Prophit’s Power Up.


ACTION PLAN: Invest in yourself as a leader. Let’s get powered up!

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