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How to Build an Unstoppable Team

Wednesday, August 26, 2020 - Joe Kiedinger

Are you getting your employees’ full firepower?

At Prophit Co. we expect—and welcome—our associates’ full, authentic selves. It’s one of the ways we live out our company’s purpose of inspiring and empowering businesses to grow, by living our Core Values.

One of our five Core Values is Courageous: Bold Humility—which means all Prophiteers are held accountable to these same expectations:

  1. Talk Straight
    Clear, direct communication is the name of the game in business. To keep the flywheel spinning we all need to share our honest thoughts and not talk in circles for the sake of protecting someone’s feelings.
  2. Establish Win-Win Boundaries
    Business and personal relationships need to be mutually beneficial in order to last. We ask our associates to seek out partners and resources that are built for the long haul.
  3. Share the Last 10%
    We end each meeting with one question: “Does anyone have any last 10%?” This is an opportunity to speak up about anything that remains unclear, awkward or uncomfortable. It has been an incredibly healthy addition and has cut down on those post-meeting private messages that do nothing but breed confusion.

Holding our associates accountable to these Core Values, and others, has built a uniquely authentic office community. We have an incredible level of trust, respect and openness that helps us to operate as one unstoppable team.


ACTION PLAN: What Core Values can you adopt in order to build a vibrant, purposeful leadership team?

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