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How to Bring Equity into Your Workplace

Tuesday, July 18, 2023 - Joe Kiedinger

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Now back to our regular programming. If you missed my last WOW, take a quick gander at it here.

All month, we’re talking about the concept of equality versus equity.

Many of us have worked hard to provide a sense of equality for our team at work. But, maybe, just maybe… that concept is all wrong. We are all completely unique human beings with unique needs, talents and motivations. With that in mind, how is it fair to treat us all equally?

You can see it by looking at your team’s Dignify Snapshots, if you’re subscribers. I am incredibly different than our Copywriter/Editor Jared, for example. My motivational categories are: People, Creation, Leading and Showman, whereas my man Jared is hugely Task motivated. Check them out: Jared’s Snapshot and Joe’s Snapshot.

In order to be at my best, I need people to recognize where my motivations lie and feed into them. If someone were to send me a chart and expect me to cross many tasks off a list, I would struggle. If the same was provided to Jared, he would excel.

So, is it fair to treat everyone the same way at work?

We all have unique needs. When those needs are given individual consideration and supported well, every person can achieve success.

So, how do we bring more equity to the workplace and really apply this? I say, focus on everyone’s unique dignity! In your next 1×1, ask your employees what they need and what flexibility or perspective you haven’t considered yet. Want even faster feedback? Just send out an email!

Equal is not fair. Equitable is. It’s time to get after it.


ACTION PLAN: I think you can see the value in equity now. Tell us your perspective on one of our social channels! I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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