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How to Avoid the #1 Leadership Hazard

Wednesday, November 4, 2020 - Joe Kiedinger

It’s a pandemic that’s been going on long before Covid: STRESS. And breaking away from it is the singular most common objective of our clients.

As human beings, we need to get after stress. It has worked its wiry, vise-like grip into all our lives and we’ve allowed it to become somewhat of a badge of honor. When others ask how we are we boast that we’ve been very busy. We overextend ourselves at work and at home until we’re not able to do anything well. We even teach our kids to be stressed. It’s not good; it’s not necessary and it’s definitely not healthy.

Studies show that 75 – 90% of visits to general practitioners are due to stress-related illnesses. Some argue the number may be even higher than that. That’s why, for the past 15 years, we’ve been researching the path to a stress-free life. We all need to find a way to manage our stress before it leads to sickness. It’ll never be fully wiped from our lives, but we can get a handle on it.

What would you say if I could offer you a 50% reduction in stress? Would you take it? Most leaders would say, “Heck yes, sign me up!” A reduction in our daily stress toll could have significant, measurable effects on our health. High blood pressure? Migraines? Anxiety? Imagine your life free of them. Sounds pretty good to me.


ACTION PLAN: If you’re done being stressed out, reach out to learn more about The Stress-free Leader Program.

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