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How do you recover?

Wednesday, December 3, 2014 - Joe Kiedinger

I want you to consider a professional athlete and the job they have to do. Let’s use a football player. Ninety percent of their energy is spent practicing and preparing for game day. They do everything they can so that come game day, for sixty minutes of play, they are poised, focused and ready to deliver their best. When the game is over, they have recovery figured into their preparation plan for next weeks game. FullSizeRender

Now, let’s consider the corporate athlete. We typically spend 10% of our time planning and 90% of our time playing the corporate game. Is it no wonder we get burned out? Do you recover? My little cabin in the woods is my #1 place to recover. There is something about being in nature, spending time near water, trees and rocks that rejuvenates my spirit and gets me back in the game.

Recovery during the day is also crucial. For me, I take a walk around the office. I walk to the water cooler, I grab a coffee or simply sit and chat with a Prophiteer for five minutes. Sometimes I’ve been known to walk to the hat store here on Broadway St. just to look around and get some fresh air.

Recover is crucial to keeping it all together. How do you recover?

Joe Kiedinger

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