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Hire Right, Place Right, Retain!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017 - Joe Kiedinger

If you are in the talent management arena, this article is for you. This means if you are in HR, a Supervisor, a Manager or in the C-Suite. This post is for you.

I was reading an article recently on big data. Companies are now realizing how data fuels progress. This idea of using data is nothing new when prospecting and projecting the future. What is new, however, is how data is determining who the right person is for a specific job.

hire-right-place-right-retain.jpgChoosing the ideal person for the ideal job role has always been the goal, but now data allows us to do that with extreme accuracy and efficiency. I have been working for over a decade to provide an easy to understand and an easy to use hiring, placing and retention tool.

For those who have been with me awhile you knew it as About Me Card. We’ve come a long way! The new and much improved system is Dignify. Dignify reveals the dignity or key motivators of every employee. It houses these inherent talents in the Dignify system and lets leaders know who should be doing what.

Leaders can identify from a list of 56 Motivations Traits what they need for a specific role. They then can search (big data) their employment base for people who have these key traits. No more waiting months or years for a person’s innate talents to present themselves. With Dignify employers will know immediately where to place people and how to retain them.

I invite you to visit Dignify.com. If you are pulling your hair out over your placement accuracy, your searching for a talent management system or your company is going through a reorganization and you need to know who can shift from their current role to a different role, Dignify can reveal this in minutes!

It’s time to Dignify! Hire Right, Place Right, Retain!

Joe Kiedinger

ACTION PLAN: Would you like to see how this patented technology works? We’ll show you for free – contact us!


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