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Hello 2021! We’ve Been Awaiting Your Arrival

Wednesday, December 30, 2020 - Joe Kiedinger

I don’t know about you, but I’m kinda ready to move on from 2020! 2021 sounds like angels singing down from the heavens—so much hope, so much possibility.

What does your ideal new year look like? How can you make it happen? I typically make a physical-health-related resolution right about now. You too? This year, what do you say we flip the script?

Rather than focusing only on our bodies (don’t get me wrong, exercise is important!) why not focus on the health of our businesses? As leaders, we have the power to improve our Organizational Health. Just like physical health, it’s something we always have to be exercising in order to keep in shape. You can’t just eat donuts and watch TV for 11 months and then step up your game 1 month out of the year and expect measurable results.

So, how do I keep on top of Org Health? There are four key areas of focus to consider:

  • Aligning your internal team on your organization’s purpose so you can set clear goals to drive your organization forward.
  • Getting after your story and what makes you tick.
  • Breaking down the communication roadblocks that are holding your team back.
  • Bringing your company purpose alive internally and externally.

At Prophit Co., this is why we wake up in the morning. To help people thrive—which helps organizations thrive.


ACTION PLAN: Make 2021 The Year of Org Health. Look for Prophit Co. events and workshops coming your way in the new year to make your business’ good health a reality!

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