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Give ‘em an experience!

Wednesday, February 6, 2019 - Joe Kiedinger

Human or machine? If you have ever attended Disney Institute you will be reminded that experiences dignify the human spirit. Let’s explore that a little bit.

The definition of dignity is to feel worthy of honor and respect. When an employee is included in an experience they feel chosen, worthy and respected. Additionally, it provides a break from the ordinary and re-energizes them.

Last week, we took a select group from our creative and account service teams and went undercover to explore and learn about a client’s competitors to better understand the category and what our client partner is up against. I am purposely keeping our mission vague or it wouldn’t be undercover! 

Here’s my point. It would be easy for us to simply have one or two people take this journey. Instead, we involved every person who will be hands-on in creating the brand objectives together.

A machine mindset would say, “That’s inefficient! We can just report what we found and explain it to them in an hour-long recap meeting.” The human mind processes this as, “We received this information together; it’s memorable, meaningful and more efficient to experience it together.”

The added bonus is, we connected as people and strengthened both our bond and the client’s result.

Give ‘em an experience whenever you can!

Joe Kiedinger

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