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Getting Down to Business by Getting to the Heart of the Matter!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018 - Joe Kiedinger

After working with hundreds of managers across various industries, I have found a void in leadership and that is the one-on-one meeting between manager and their direct reports, or rather the lack of them.

For over a decade, I have been interviewing and working in this space. Here’s an interesting fact: When I ask supervisors and managers if they have been checking in with their direct reports regularly, they almost always respond, “Yes, all the time.”

However, when you dig down and ask more detailed questions you discover “scripted behavior”. Scripted behavior is described as a societal norm that is ingrained in our brains through social interactions. For example…

“How are things going?”                            “Fine.”

“Are you getting what you need?”            “Yep.”

“Any challenges I can help you with?”     “No, I’m fine. Thanks.”

How is any manager, especially an inexperienced one, supposed to break away from this script when it’s all they know? The reality is, most managers have shallow and scripted conversations when they walk around. Every employee deserves one-on-one time with their leader. The problem is that leaders don’t know what to talk about, so they avoid it all together. They cannot fathom sitting with an employee for 20 or 30 minutes on a regular basis. “What will we talk about?” they wonder.

Dignify® has created a check-in format that actually helps managers lead by giving them topics to talk about.

To truly lead a person, one must understand how that person thinks and what motivates them. We call this human dignity. Dignity is how a person views themselves and the lens through which they view others.

Trust is created when one trusts your intentions and your ability. The Dignify check-in balances both sides of the person. The software intuitively presents non-emotional topics around a person’s dignity as well as customization topics around ability. (Side note, the word “accountability” really means to hold into account one’s ability.)

For the first time, a software addresses the challenge managers face in leading each one of their unique employees. Dignify allows managers to get down to business by getting to the heart of the matter quickly and unemotionally. Company objectives are tracked and human dignity is respected in one simple process. For the first time, managers have a tool that empowers effective one-on-ones. Dignify fuels results!

Joe Kiedinger

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