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Gain Independence from Negativity

Wednesday, July 1, 2020 - Joe Kiedinger

Freeing yourself from negative thinking—well, isn’t that a vision? Let me tell you, it really is attainable.

Negativity is literally negative energy. Picture that in your mind for a moment. What does negative energy look or feel like to you? Many people going through our Organizational Health program say it feels heavy, stagnant, dark or even sickening to the stomach.

Now, what does your mind’s eye picture when you think of positivity? Probably something light, buoyant, vibrant and joyful, right?

I bet you can even think of people in your life who represent positivity, or negativity, to you. They just emanate it! Well, that’s because, in life, you’re either “for” positive energy or against it. The scientific Law of Opposites tells us that two opposites can never exist in the same place at the same time. It can’t be both night and day in the same place, for example. And you can’t be in both a positive mindset and a negative one at the same time.

Time to do away with negativity; it doesn’t serve you. So, where to start? To keep it simple, start by being “for” people and situations by accepting, not judging. When you gain the emotional intelligence to do that, you’re on your way to freedom, my friend.


ACTION PLAN: Let this Independence Day be your new start toward positivity. It’ll free you from so much stress.

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