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Forging Ahead

Wednesday, April 1, 2020 - Joe Kiedinger

This week, we’re continuing our Leading Through Uncertainty series. From what I’m seeing on social media and hearing from my peers, we’ve all been stepping up to the challenge of leading our folks down this uncharted path! A couple of weeks back there was much more fear in the eyes and voices of those I spoke with. And now? We’re adjusting to the new normal and more confidently leading our crews through the fog. That’s incredible!

Each of us is using our unique traits to communicate, communicate, communicate. Some of you may be leaning on your Thoughtful Dignify trait, others, your Persistent trait. Whatever you’re leaning on right now, it’s showing—to me and to all those around you. Keep it up! It’s those strengths that help us forge ahead in our own way.

All of your staff members have their unique traits and strengths as well. Let’s celebrate those this week. When you touch base with your staff one-on-one or in your group video huddles, really honor the differences you see. Because those are what give us combined strength as a company. A handful of people with unique viewpoints is much more powerful than a table-full of people nodding in agreement to everything that is said. Our differences are the birthplace of invention in this time when inventiveness alone is helping businesses survive!


ACTION PLAN: Also, take some time to work on you by joining me for my next free 30-Minute Slow Down Zoom session Thursday at 3 PM CST. The topic? Treat Yourself Like a Professional Athlete—it’s a great time for introspection and growth!

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