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A Disney Exec’s Advice

Wednesday, December 20, 2017 - Joe Kiedinger

If you could get in the mind of me, you would notice many different compartments. Almost like an old alchemy cabinet that holds many different herbs and remedies, you know the one with lots of little individual drawers.

That’s the mind of Joe. When I hear information that resonates with me, I pull open a little drawer and file it away for later. Then, out of nowhere, it comes to my conscious mind when I need it.

I preface this to set up today’s wisdom. I heard it from a Disney exec at one of the Disney Institutes I attended. I don’t however, remember his name or position at this time, only the advice he gave. 

He explained how he often would get phone calls from students looking for advice and mentoring. They were seeking the secrets to success.

When he received these calls he would simply respond, “Kid, we don’t need to meet. I can give you advice right now, that if you live it, it will make you successful: Do the hard stuff and life will get easier, do the easy stuff and life will get harder. Have a great day.”

It’s so true. Those who put in the hours and give 100% of themselves will do the hard work. They find their life gets easier as they experience trust from others. Trust builds and opportunities and income follow.

Reversely, not asking for the promotion is easy. Sitting on the couch all day playing video games is easy. Do these things and life will get harder.

It’s a good reminder for all of us who are doing the hard stuff and experiencing discouragement. Stay with it, stay focused, your time will come to pass!

Joe Kiedinger

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