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Discover How to Flip the Switch

Wednesday, April 22, 2020 - Joe Kiedinger

Prophit Co. has always begun each day with a morning huddle—now simply via Zoom video chat instead of in our lobby. This routine, while fairly brief, is one that we all look forward to. We get the opportunity to see all the faces that make up our work family and end the huddle with a cheer—motivated and ready to take on the day. It’s a big energizer!

During our huddle, one Prophiteer shares what we call the “Core Value.” This is a unique way of illustrating one of the values our company purpose is built upon. Recently, one of our copywriters, Rachel, asked that we go around the virtual “room” giving one silver lining of quarantine life.

If you are a regular news and social media consumer, you’ll appreciate that we could all use a little more positivity right now and this was just the way to flip the switch from negative to positive.

At home, Prophiteers with the very tiniest Prophit Co. Kids felt blessed to see their children change from what seems like babbling babies to talking toddlers and go from crawling to running in a matter of one month. Others have been focusing more on their diet and exercise, while some are stretching creatively by sketching and creating new memories by camping in their living room.

My wife, Danica, is thriving right now. She loves having all the kids home and enjoys having everyone around the dinner table at night. Before all of this, our kids were constantly headed to practice, musicals and friends’ houses, so this is a welcome change.

With work, many of us have noticed we’re actually spending more time talking with co-workers than in the past—we’re just meeting virtually rather than face-to-face. But one of the biggest wins I’ve seen during all this? We’re able to get real with each other more now than ever. All of our lives have been rocked all at once. We’re all dealing with new emotions, worries and thoughts and are there to support each other like friends—because that’s what’s needed.


ACTION PLAN: Flip the switch in your own head today. What positives do you see right in front of you?

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