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Dignity Dominates!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016 - Joe Kiedinger

As I write this WOW, I am sitting in my hotel room contemplating my next post. All that is coming to mind from my recent dignity leadership training is that Dignity Dominates. Our new patented technology, About Me Card, reveals the dignity of people. Currently, I am in Texas working with Supervisors and Managers on how to speak to and support a person’s dignity.

It’s so crystal clear that our own internal motivations, our Top 5 (out of the 56 discovered), reveal the dignity of a person and how they wish to be treated. Furthermore, these motivations take over in a person and explain all work related behavior that you see. It’s like gravity, you can’t escape it on earth.

What is truly inspiring is seeing people see their dignity for the first time. It empowers them and shows their purpose in life. You can discover your dignity at www.aboutmeworld.com. When you discover it, some people are never the same. If you would like to explore our dignity leadership series, reach out and connect. It is a completely different approach to leadership where benefits are tracked and observed, often in as little as three months.

Joe Kiedinger

ACTION PLAN: Discover your Dignity and then share it with others!


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