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Dignity by Delta

Wednesday, December 12, 2018 - Joe Kiedinger

I was returning yesterday from a Dignify engagement in San Antonio when I was taken off guard by a certain flight attendant. His name was Scott. So often, we see videos and hear bad news about airline service. I thought I would dignify Delta today because of how Scott treated me and every person on that plane.

Typically, when I fly, I experience the same routine and “nice service.” You know the drill: they explain the features of the plane, we buckle up and take off, they come down the aisle with snacks and drinks, and later in the flight they pass by a couple of times to collect garbage.

Scott just wouldn’t sit down. Not only was he with us the entire flight walking up and down the aisles, he was able to predict people’s concerns and answer questions before they were even asked. One woman near me asked him about a particular change in a Delta service. He explained that Delta made the change due to competitors. He was informative, detailed and polite. She knew exactly why the change was made. In the conversation he found out her final destination was Canada and asked her if she knew her gate assignment. She did not, and he gladly gave it to her.

Another older woman was troubled with the engine noise in the back of the plane. He could tell she was uncomfortable. When learning it was the noise, he moved her up to front of the plane where it was far less noisy.

These are just a couple examples of the dignity and kindness in everything he did. He even passed down the aisle with sanitation wipes near the end of the flight. I’ve never seen that! If he were an employee of mine, I would be so proud. He made sure he connected with the passengers the entire flight. He never sat down and disappeared, like is typical on most flights.

Because I was so impressed, I asked him for a quick 2-minute interview. He obliged and sat down next to me in the open seat. Please excuse the sound quality as it can be a little noisy in a plane. Enjoy!

Joe Kiedinger

ACTION PLAN: Everyone can bring dignity to their job, just like Scott! Nice going, my new friend!

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