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Covid Burnout

Wednesday, November 3, 2021 - Joe Kiedinger

It’s fair to say we’re all experiencing COVID burnout right now. We’re tired of hearing the word that signifies so much political and social tension. Just speak it and we’re all capable of going into a tirade.

Debate all you’d like, but there’s one thing we need to pump the brakes on. I see it all the time. We place judgement on others for the choices they’re making: are they wearing a mask or not, are they going to parties or holing up at home, are they taking too many risks or being too cautious?

As much judgement as we place on others we somehow decide we’re exempt from the same judgement. We understand logically that judgement should not be allowed in the room, however, that’s human nature for you: finding faults in others and overlooking our own.

My advice to you? Rather than focusing on our differences and judging one another for the choices we make, let’s open our ears. At Prophit Co., we recently had a very candid, open discussion about our concerns about COVID protocols relating to the office. It was a judgment-free zone to explain our perspectives and hear out others’. It was a weight lifted from everyone’s shoulders when we left the conference room that day.

If you haven’t had an open, respectful conversation about this in your office, it’s time. As a leader, preface the conversation by saying this is not a political conversation. We’re here to share and listen openly, with the goal of reaching understanding.


ACTION PLAN: Leaders, you have so much control over the contentment or dissatisfaction of your crew! It’s time to start having real conversations to extinguish your team’s burnout. We can help you get started.

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