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Changing With the TIMES!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017 - Joe Kiedinger

Pictured here is the iconic Times Building. It’s the building that drops the iconic ball on New Years Eve that the entire world has come to know. The building was originally built in 1905 for the New York Times newspaper.It has 25 floors. Originally, fireworks were launched from it’s rooftop for three consecutive years on New Years. 

IMG_2310.jpgDue to sparks and buildings, the city banned it. The ball drop was the solution that came from that ban. The New York Times moved it’s locations years ago.

Today, the Times Building, as it’s referred to, is mostly vacant. The only spaces that are rented is a Walgreens on the first floor and one office on the top floor. That is the office of the New Years committee. Yes, it takes a whole year to plan that traditional event. 

The owners of the Times Building have found it to be more profitable to wrap it with advertising than rent out the remaining 23 floors. It brings in 40 million dollars a year. This is a perfect example of thinking outside the box.

In your business, you may have another way to be profitable with little overhead. Can you see past what always has been to move to something more? My hope is that this powerful illustration challenges you to look beyond what is to what could be. After all, we must change with the times!

Joe Kiedinger

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