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Celebrate the First Day!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015 - Joe Kiedinger

As I write this it is St. Patrick’s Day. This day is extremely important to me. It was St. Patrick’s Day in 1999 when I decided to stop into a certain bar in De Pere to hear a band I knew. I went by myself with no great expectations. It was in a darkened hallway that connected a banquet room to the main bar that a beautiful woman approached me and asked a simple question, “Do you remember me?”


That question led to a four-hour conversation and a spark that has grown into a raging fire. Oh yeah! My wife, business and life partner, Danica, came into my life. She inspires me, she guides me and she adores me. I am such a lucky guy! It’s easy to remember wedding anniversaries, but why not celebrate the origin of something truly special.

Thank you for asking such a wonderful question, I love you, baby!

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