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Business Leadership and Love, Part 3: The Humble Leader

Wednesday, March 9, 2016 - Joe Kiedinger

Welcome to Part 3 of 4 of our Business Leadership and Love series!  The Humble Leader

I’ve been reflecting on all of the key leaders in my life including my father, teachers and early bosses. The one quality that I found in the best of them was humility. Many young leaders believe they need to “put their foot down” and lead. Although being decisive is important, leading with an “I’m the boss and I said so” attitude leads to disengagement.

I recently met with a manager of a company who was having struggles in her department with her leader. I told her, “approach your leader and be humble.” She initially interpreted my advice as making her look weak.

“On the contrary,” I said, “people respect when you admit fault or mistakes and approach them for help in a sincere way.”Be_Humble.png

She approached her leader this way and reported back the amazing response she received.

Humility is powerful and is a major attribute for successful leaders. Humility brings all the human needs along with it. Needs like being listened to, patience, mutual respect and appreciation, just to name a few.

Are you a humble leader? I know I struggle with this, but luckily I have amazing role models who remind me it’s not about me!

Joe Kiedinger

ACTION PLAN: Reflect, live, love, coach!

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